Secret Teeth EP

by Thrown Out to Sea

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This is just a collection of demos, songs I gave up on, older songs that I don't want to officially release, etc. Circa early 2014.


released April 24, 2014



all rights reserved


Thrown Out to Sea Toledo, Ohio

A 19 year old who makes mediocre music.

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Track Name: Sad Souls
They say a sad soul is always up past midnight.
It's 1:30 AM right now.
I'm still stuck in this perpetual cycle of overwhelming emotions,
None of which are easy for me to avoid and forget altogether.
Track Name: I Swear, I'm Not A Creep
I promise to love you 'til we're old and grey.
Would you promise to do the same?
Who am I kidding?
This is all just a dream.

You don't exist, completely unreal.
To be honest, I'm all alone, passed out,
face down in the snow.
My imagination swirls around in vicious circles.
I'll need a compass to find my sanity again.
Track Name: Honestly, You're Shitty
Why do you criticize me, dear one?
I get that we don't see eye to eye almost all the time,
But you're the closest thing I have to a friend.
Track Name: You're Not As Transparent As You Seem
I've spent way too long biting my tongue and grinding my teeth,
Standing back and watching in defeat.
It's time I finally see the truth in your eyes.
You never loved me, not even once,
I finally realize.
Track Name: Newly Arisen (Demo)
Have you ever had those thoughts where you wanted to end it all?
I have, I have.
I know what you're feeling.
Now's the time when we don't suffer.
We just gotta get a little bit tougher.

Step away from the sink.
I know it's hard to think,
But please tell me why you wanna go and die.
I'm here to listen.
You won't be alone.
You'll be newly arisen.
Oh woah oh, yeah.